Exchange: Turkey!

It has been a good while since I wrote another post, but not without good reason: I was finishing my graduation thesis! Anyhow, without further ado – a new post.

In 2014, when I was still in high school, I was offered the chance of a lifetime. In our school, it was a common known fact that you’d go on ‘working weeks’ in your before-senior year. You could make a choice on where you wanted to go – my options were staying at home, going to Poland ór, and to me this is the best option of all, going to Turkey on an exchange.

I, the only one out of my grade, chose to go to Turkey – quite scary! I was connected with a really awesome person, Berfin. I would stay with her and her family for a week, and go to school with her as well.

In this week, we did all sorts of fun stuff. As it has been 5 years, I do not remember the exact itinerary anymore – but I do remember some of my highlights!

Our group was invited to the a Turkish education presentation, where we were offered to come study in Turkey – an opportunity I might have actually taken, were it not for the fact that I would have to stay in my motherland as a host afterwards.

One of the wonderful evenings there, we went to get a waffle in the middle of the night – I got a list, and had no clue what was on it, lol. I crossed of what sounded good, and honestly – the end result was not bad at all!

We visited the very impressive memorial/mausoleum of Ataturk – it was immense and a interesting experience all together.

For all the other impressions – check out the pictures below!

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