A typical day working on my thesis

Hey there! It’s been a while since my last article – I have been só busy working on my thesis. And honestly, I have also been busy avoiding that last thing, haha. Anyway, now that most of my day is spent behind my iMac at home, I figured I would show you what that looks like.


I usually wake up around 7, after which I slowly get up and running. I generally have breakfast around 7.30, after which I try to get to work. I greet the cat somewhere in between, and give him fresh water and food.


And when I say work, I actually mean try to work, as the cat usually disagrees – as you can see per the pictures, lol.


Then it is time to lunch, which I usually do either at my grandma’s place on Monday or with the rest of my family on other days. Either way, I think it is a really nice break from working :).

Grocery o’clock – dinner time

Then it is, after the afternoon work session, time for me to go and get/make some dinner. All of my other family members really hate making dinner – and I quite enjoy it. So, sometimes I go get groceries if necessary (and sometimes order them in via www.albertheijn.nl) and then make dinner. I always try to make healthy dinners, as per my parents’ wishes 🙂


In the evenings, depending on the weather, I like to go out for a little bit. Being stuck inside all day gets really tiring at some point, and sometimes I just need that breath of fresh air. Jasper and I then try to go out and find some cool places to stroll around, which up until now has always been a great success!

What is your typical day like? Would you care to read another article? Check it out here!

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