Going to Germany for a day!

As a Dutchie, I am lucky to live so close to many countries: Germany is one of them. For a good couple of years now, I have gotten used to going to Germany – and getting some cheap products while being there.

Jasper got his license about a month ago, and I felt that that was a good excuse to drive a little further than he usually would – so Germany it was! after a lot of Google Mapping, we decided on Emmerich.

I am not sure what Emmerich is known for, but we now know it as a not-too-far-away, good place for our shopping, haha.

General impression of the day

One of the things I always do in Germany, is visit the DM. The DM is quite possibly the neatest chain of stores I have ever laid eyes on. The stores are always clean, spacious and have really good products. Even their homebrand, which are in the Netherlands often quite mweh, is really good.

Anyway: I divided the stuff we bought into a few categories. The categories are: stuff that I bought for myself, stuff that Jasper bought, alcohol, communal stuff and food stuff.

Stuff I got myself!

I got myself the following products:

  • Three sorts of deodorant to try out, as my old one is discontinued 🙁 (Euro’s spent: Dove = 1.45, Nivea’s = 1.45)
  • Gliss Kur hairspray, that I generally use when combing my hair after a shower. (Euro’s spent: 2,75)
  • A lipstick, which really was more of an impulse purchase than a necessary one. (Euro’s spent: 2,25)
  • Two Balea hairproducts that I am really curious about. (Euro’s spent: 5.90)
  • A Nivea micellair bottle of shampoo. I used to use Syoss, but they stopped selling that 🙁 (Euro’s spent: 3,75) Curious to see what this shampoo is like!

Cost in total: in the Netherlands this all together would have cost me around 35 euro’s, but in total – in combination with some moist tissues, q-tips, razorblades, this only cost me 28.80. Sounds like a good deal to me, haha.

Stuff Jasper got himself!

Jasper got himself some shampoo, deodorants to test and two perfumes.

In total, this was 17,87.

Communal – aka also the cat – stuff!

So, together we got some other stuff as well: some sunscreen, cat food and cat snacks, some flee-protection for the cat, anti-insect spray.


So, it is a quite known fact that alcohol is much cheaper in Germany – at least to us Dutchies. So when Jasper and I hit the Real, we just picked up a few bottles for our collection :). Total cost for these two? €22,-

Food stuff!

Before we went home, we decided to hit a Real – a really big supermarket that my whole family loves. Here we got a little something to eat, and picked up a few items to bring home. And some Emmentaler cheese for the cheese-lover of the family, haha.

In Germany they have this pear-juice that I adore: I am yet to find one that I love as much as I do this one. Other than that I got some salt with herbs that are perfect for cooking, and a whole bunch of pasta’s. The cost for this together was something like €30.

All in all, a pretty fun day – and a very big haul! I think that this should last us a few days ;)!

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