Tech love: iPhone 8+

For nearly a year, I’ve had my iPhone 8+. I upgraded from my iPhone 6S last year, as it was slowly dying – and truthfully, I wanted something new and better.

As usual, I turned to Marktplaats to find something to match my deepest desires. My mother had just gotten the iPhone 8+ (per my recommendation, haha) – and then I wanted it myself, oops. Anyway: I couldn’t justify spending a cold 1000 euro’s on a phone. I searched far and wide, until my phone appeared on Marktplaats out of thin air – just kidding, someone posted it of course. Anyway, I reacted quickly – and I picked it up just a few hours later. It was honestly the best birthday gift I ever got myself, haha.

The story behind the phone is that a man had bought it for himself, but then heard a few days after that his employer was buying everyone a new phone. He didn’t see any use in having two phones, so he decided to sell this one – yay for me. I eventually got it for around 600 euros – which in my opinion is a good deal, as it was only used for 2 short weeks. And, I kept 400 little friends in my bank-account.

Social media cleanse

Ever since, it has never left my side. I use it for all the obvious things (Netflix, Spotify, mail and such) and did use it for social media. I just recently decided to go on a social media cleanse, so all of these apps are gone :o. Yes, for the first time since my pre-teen life I have taken a distance from my online social engagements. For some reason it seemed really scary, but I’m doing fine haha.

The reason for me quitting for a while is that it feels like my phone was becoming an addiction – and I didn’t even notice it. I constantly felt like everything I did was less than others did, which gave me a bad feeling. On the other hand, I was (and am) still thinking about what I could share about what I am doing – hello, crazy much? I decided that I do not want to spend so much of my time on that – so hello social media cleanse.

Favorite iPhone features:

However: I still love my iPhone, and I love it especially for the following functions:

  • The first and best: the camera. Oh my god, the camera. It’s really fantastic to be honest. It’s crazy good quality in my opinion, and the quality of video’s it can take is just unparalleled.
  • The wireless charging – hello wireless charging? You are the thing I never knew I needed. It seems like such a silly small thing, but before I knew it I was tossing my phone on my nightstand. I have never looked back, haha.
  • The design: in contrast to the current iPhone’s I still like the design of this one. It reminds me of the old design, but it still looks classy. I don’t like the new phones, because they look to plastic-y and shiny to me. For some reason I cannot un-associate them with these ugly shiny cheap silver letters some stores have above their doors, haha.
  • Screen size: the screen is just freaking amazing. I used to be one of those ‘no, no, the 8+ is way too big, blalbalbla’ – I take it all back, because wow – I love it. The TrueTone really changes the experience I have using my phone, and generally speaking I think Apple is the number 1 in screen quality.

What’s your opinion on the iPhone? Love or hate it?

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