Date: a day in the dunes

A couple of weeks ago, the weather was só freaking beautiful, we just had to go out. Take into account that Jasper just got his license (YAY); we decided to tour around the province a little – and go see our beautiful dunes (see exhibit A below, haha).

When growing up, I really loved going places in the weekend. Once of these places was Callantsoog – a peaceful little place right next to the beach. We decided to head in that direction, and make a pitstop in the city of Alkmaar (hey, I still needed some pants so why not combine them right?). As it was really busy, we just cruised along the dunes for a while, before we headed
up to the beach.

Days like these are what really relaxes me: nothing to do, except having fun and doing whatever pops up in my head. We have picknicked a little, went for a walk in the dunes, went to a garden centre to pick out some plants, had some McDonald’s and eventually went home. Perfect day? I think so.

I am always looking for fun new date ideas: I love going on dates. It is just so much fun to go and spend some quality time with the one you love. What’s your favorite kind of date? I think mine are mainly things like: going to the movies, going thrift-shopping, going for a drive – and more of that kind of stuff!

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