Thriftstore haul #3: IJ-hallen + thrift stores!

Thrift weekend, Jasper and I took Saturday morning to ourselves. Friday we had a big deadline for school, and we wanted to do something fun together – so I guess this is a Thrift store haul/date combined, all together. It was a successful haul altogether – I threw in some items that I got earlier this week as well, but they weren’t in the big collection picture.

A world scratch map

I have wanted this for a while, but found them to be a little cheesy – but when I saw one for 90 cents, I just couldn’t resist, haha. Jasper and I decided that it’s going to be our ‘travelled together’ map, so that we can log where we’ve been.

A cutesie ‘Spring is here’ mug

I have a thing for cute mugs (you’ll find out below, haha). Anyway, this one seemed cute enough to bring home for 30 cents.

An addition to my ‘Harvest’ collection! Yay!

I am slowly collecting some of these JAJ pyrex bowls (check out my other finds here!) I really love the look and feel of these vintage bowls – and the prices sure won’t stop me ;).

A new fruitbowl!

I really dislike all my old fruitbowls: they are misshaped, or have hideous colours (that’s my opinion now, anyway). So when my eye spotted this beauty, I thought it would look perfect on my table – take a look and form your own opinion :).

A blanket basket!

Am I the only one who always has blankets laying around? Well, I do. And even though I adore them, I really wish I could give them a space. I spotted a great basket in a home furniture store, but I thought that 40 euro’s for a basket is wáy too much. For 2 euro’s however? Worth a shot.

This weird ol’ thing

This is going to be a gift for a family member who’s into this kind of stuff, so when we saw it, we just figured we’d bring it home so that we can give it away.

Blond mugs

I have gotten in the habit of trying to build a thrifted collection of these. I think they’re really cute – they’re from a Dutch brand, and if I’m correct they’re actually hand made. Anyway, at 9,95 a mug (not too expensive to be honest), I just like finding them thrifted. These I found on the Ij-hallen flee market for 3 euro’s! I gave one that’s not on the picture to my mom, as it didn’t really match the set.

Apple stuff: an AirPort Express Base station & USB charger

I like finding Apple jewels amongst a whole bunch of crap. These AirPorts aren’t being sold anymore since last year, but I figured these are going to come in handy someday – and definitely for 1,70, haha.

More Pyrex!

Although this isn’t the pattern I’m ‘collecting’, omg – it’s so cute. I’m pretty sure it’s a fall-type of pattern. Anyway, into the collection it goes – haha.

A perfect salad bowl construction

You might – or might not – recognize this problem. I tend to eat a lot of salads in the summer – but I hate it when they get soggy after a while, as the water just sits at the bottom. Using this, I can actually drain the water :).

Jasper’s finds

Jasper found this really cool original Xbox for 12,50 – its completely new in box, so that’s a pretty cool find! Other than that, he found this 3 euro mega mason jar (cool for summer drinks – lemon, cucumber and stuff like that makes for a great drink).

This is by far the biggest haul so far! What’s your favorite item? Go here if you want to see another thriftstore haul!

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