Citytrip: Den Bosch

This weekend, I did another type of citytrip: the kind that’s in your own country! For a while, I’ve been wanting to visit some family who live a little further away: about a 2-hour drive away. Anyway: I planned it with my grandmother, and this Sunday was the day we went.

We first went to Hagestein, the place where my great-grandmother used to live to visit my fathers aunt and uncle. I brought some freshly-baked cookies: I figured this would be a cute little gift to give to everyone we were visiting ;). The picture on the right was what my grandmother sent me this morning (I forgot to take pictures myself, lol). I was in the kitchen until 23.00 the previous evening, as I was baking away – bread, two cakes, a shitload of cookies.

Then, around lunch, we went on our merry way: ‘S Hertogenbosch it was. Funnily enough, both ‘S Hertogenbosch and Den Bosch mean the same place. We had lunch at my uncle’s pad, and then we went for a stroll through the beautiful city – where we could still see some remnants of the carnival a few weeks ago. We went into the St. Jan; in which we wandered around a little. Afterwards we went for dinner at a all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant (yum), dropped off my uncle and went home. All in all, a pretty awesome day!

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