My second-hand KitchenAid

When I was growing up, my dad at some point got a KitchenAid. He, being a pastry chef, really knew how to use it – and we baked quite some cakes together. To be fair, it is one the fondest memories I have. Ever since then, I wanted a KitchenAid for myself, when I grew up.

I have kept tabs on what was being posted on Marktplaats for a while – and at some point even wanted to order it on, but I waited. And, as I hoped – good things come to those who wait. A nice man about an hour away put his on Marktplaats. So, we went to pick it up, at an agreed price of €275. This thing costs around €599 new, so to me this was a good deal. It was clear that the person selling it had never ever used it: he told us that he has every KitchenAid appliance out there, and that he got this one for Sinterklaas – but has no use for it. Anyway: the thing didn’t have a scratch and still had the box and everything that came with it.


The KitchenAid, came with the standard tools. After the first two breads I made with it, I figured out that I needed two other things: the flex-beater and the pouring-shield. After looking for a while, I finally ordered them at Bijenkorf and

Obviously I had to put the KitchenAid to the test: so far, I’ve made 8 loafs of bread, two cakes, pulled chicken, mashed sweet potato, bananabread, oatmeal cookies (my own recipe here!), pizza, hummus, and a birthdaycake for my grandmother – it works perfectly!

Do you own a KitchenAid? Or would you like one?

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