Moving to Canada for 6 months!

Last year, Jasper and I moved to Montréal, Canada for half a year. During my study we are supposed to go abroad at least once for a prolonged period of time. Purpose of living abroad is to gain international experience. After searching extensively I finally found an amazing internship in Canada.

Our internship company

Both Jasper and I interned for a company called TandemLaunch. This company is (in my opinion) really awesome. They’re a deep-tech incubator; they commercialize university technology. This is really cool because they develop the most awesome tech there: thing I never even thought of were being developed there. Jasper is the most technical person of the two of us; he probably understood far more of the things going on than I did. Nonetheless, I had such a great time being there and collaborating with all the insanely smart people there.

Our apartment

I found our apartment through Craigslist, luckily enough! There was someone at TandemLaunch who kindly offered to check it out – and it was amazing. It was located at the centre of the Plateau (which turned out to be like the most French neighborhood in all of the city, lol). By subletting our own apartments in Amsterdam, we were able to afford this one.

When we got to Canada, I was a little scared at first: there was a big snowstorm and our landlords left the city. They left the key for us in the mailbox, and luckily that went well. When we got there it was dark, cold and snowy – factor in our jetlag (it was 21.00-ish in Montreal, but it felt like 03.00 in the morning to us, lol): it was a blessing to get into that apartment and go to sleep. Waking up the next morning was surreal: you wake up in a unknown country, 5.000 km from everything and everyone you know. It was exciting and frightening at the same time. Anyway: we had 10 days to ourselves to get to know the city and adjust – and I am glad we did! (Man, looking back on these photo’s I get a little homesick, it was such a nice apartment)

The first days

In our first days there, we both got really sick. Luckily we discovered a little thing called Benylin and managed to get out of the house. Our first trips included exploring the neighborhood, the Walmart (because wow), a little shopping, eating at Wendy’s (Jaspers wish, haha) – just take a look below. (Also, Twizzlers are way more gross than I expected).

The trip after the internship!

We worked so hard in the first few months, that we were able to end our internship a little earlier. Originally we were supposed to leave early July. Jaspers parents had invited us, before we landed the internship, to spend a week in New York with them in May – I couldn’t have been more excited. Our tickets and everything was booked: but then we got the news about the internship being in Montreal. It wouldn’t make sense to fly back to Amsterdam for that. Anyway: then when we were in Montreal for 2 months, we got news from my parents: they were coming to visit us (and to attend a conference in Toronto). They wanted to make it a longer trip, and combine it with visiting New York – together with us. Eventually, we ended up travelling with my parents for +/- 2 weeks, spending a week with Jaspers parents and travelling on our own for a week. I will write a blogpost on this later, but I wanted to share a little bit of it.

Have you ever been to the United States or Canada? What did you think of it?

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