The perfect, most relaxed Sunday

Sundays I often like to slow down a little, prepare yourself for the next week but also take some time to process the past week. At the same time, I love going out and doing some fun stuff – the same applies to this past Sunday. The weather was amazing past Sunday, so I couldn’t resist going outside. So, here goes: what did I do this Sunday?

Beverwijkse bazaar, aka the Zwarte Markt

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember going here occasionally. It’s a sort of black market type of thing, but it has changed quite a bit over the past decade. They used to sell everything – from R4 cards to baby-strollers. Nowadays it seems like you might have walked into the live version of AliExpress: most of the things they sell there can be found on the website. Nonetheless, the food there’s amazing and it is really fun to just take a stroll and observe the kind of people that come there.

Here are some personal tips: go there for the food. In the Asian hall you can find the biggest assortment of food, and there’s probably a little something in there for everyone. I personally love the Chinese food there. As for the halls to go to: I like the Internet-Returns one a lot, as there’s a lot of cool stuff. You do really have to dig your way through this one. Then there’s the Leen Bakker outlet one: I really like this one because you can find some cool furniture pieces there, if you’re looking for some. You can find cool chairs, couches, tables, mattresses – a lot really.

Driving back home – Schermerhorn

So on my way back from Beverwijk, there’s this really cool place that I drive by. I’ve been there a couple of times with my grandparents. It’s a museum, and it’s really cool for tourists as well. It’s this beautiful place with three windmills, that still work. It was especially peaceful this Sunday, as we were the only ones that stopped there to take a look (the museum was closed, haha). It was a nice opportunity to take some photo’s for the gram & the blog as well. Anyway, we drove back peacefully and I spent the bigger part of the afternoon watching some Criminal Minds, before I decided to make dinner and bake bread for the next week.

How was your weekend? Have you ever visited the Beverwijkse Bazaar? Do you wish to read more: find my latest post here!

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