Thriftstore haul #1 !

So yesterday it was Valentine’s day, but we’ll be celebrating it next week – this weekend we’re facing deadlines and we figured it’d be better to have some real fun next week. Nonetheless, we managed to squeeze in a little date!

One of my favorite past-times is to go thriftshopping: to me it feels like a treasure-hunt for grown-ups. Anyway: yesterday we went to one of my favorite places (The Kringloper in Naarden) – and it paid off! Enjoy it with me as I talk you through the finds & prices.

Lowepro Slingshot AW200

Funnily enough, I already have one of these. I found this one in a bin for 6,50. Considering that it was about €150 new, I think this might be one of my favorite finds of the day.

Zusss toilet-bag

So, around the same location I found this really beautiful beauty bag/toiletry bag. I did have one, but I’d had it for approximately 10 years and it was starting to become really old (not in a vintage-y cutesie way, haha). Anyway, when I laid eyes on this cutie I just knew I had to have it – the fact that is was only €2 made it even better. I did a quick Google search, and it turned out that it was €40 new! (link here)

English Pyrex bowl

So for a while I’ve fallen in love with this cute mid 60’s English Pyrex bowl by JAJ. I bought some bowls a while ago, and when I came across this one – I just couldn’t let it be. I paid €3 for this one. Want to see more of it, check it here!

Pyrex Measuring Cup

For some magical reason, all of our measuring cups just end up broken or chipped down the middle (especially the plastic ones, yuk). (Alright, maybe not magical – it’s just me accidentally breaking them). Anyway: when I saw this Pyrex version of it, I figured it might last a little longer than all the other ones I’d purchased before. And, if I do end up breaking it – it will only have cost me €1,50.

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